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Code of Ethics

Consip is a company that operates in the market with the eclusive role of 'service structure' to Public Administration and pursues public interest goals. For this reason it is beholden to a number of rules that derive from ethical principles , as well as from specific legal regulations related to the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and impartiality of administrative action.
In the pursuit of itgs mission, the company has based its activity on the values of loyalty, impartiality, correctness and transparency. To this end, since May 2001, the Company has provided itself with a Code of Ethics that is binding for all those who act, work and cooperate in any capacity with Consip (employees, suppliers, Ministry of the Economy and Finance and other third parties), ensuring that they behave in accordance with the general principles set in the document.

To the same end, the company has quickly renewed its organizational and functional structure by creating a Vigilance Organ, as required by Law 231 of 2001, in order to deal with risks connected to violations against Public Administration. As a further guarantee of the transparency and impartiality of its activity, Consip has also set a number of fundamental points in the implementation of its institutional tasks with the adoption, among others, of regulations concerning access to acts and documents and, more recently, the requirements set by the Budget Law in matters related to publicity obligations concerning compensation for consultancies and other company roles.